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I believe life gives you what you focus on. I decided I would help out by giving you something to think about every day. I will post a new thought (less than a minute read) with the goal of giving you something useful to ruminate on around happiness. If you want Happy delivered directly to your email at no charge, feel free to subscribe by hitting the button below. Life's busy, I aim to help you enjoy it.

- Ryan Lynch

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Post 651: Modern Fear

July 05, 20241 min read

The human brain has been trained over a very long period of time to notice things to fear. That animal could eat me. That plant could poison me. That large person could hurt me. We have had it ingrained to find dangers in order to survive.

The problem is now our potential dangers are not the same kind of dangerous. I might not look perfect in that picture. I might say something someone, somewhere finds insensitive. I might miss out.

My brain doesn’t know there is a huge difference between these “dangers” and the life-threatening fears of the past.  So, it gives them all equal weight.

I have found I can catch myself and shift my focus away from the doom spiral about the stain on my shirt. I can make it matter much less by taking my attention away from it.

~Ryan Lynch

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