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I believe life gives you what you focus on. I decided I would help out by giving you something to think about every day. I will post a new thought (less than a minute read) with the goal of giving you something useful to ruminate on around happiness. If you want Happy delivered directly to your email at no charge, feel free to subscribe by hitting the button below. Life's busy, I aim to help you enjoy it.

- Ryan Lynch

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Post 652: The War Story

July 06, 20241 min read

I have been around people lately who are genuinely concerned about the downfall of civilization, and it just blows my mind. The average person right now is the richest, safest, and most educated they have ever been. We are creating magic with our technology. We are opening up to people being different. We are opening up to dealing with mental health.

I can understand why someone feels like we are more divided than ever right now. Everyone is picking their group and calling the others mean names. And we are more aware than ever of what the other side is saying. Even so, how many individual people do you personally know who would actually hurt someone for those beliefs?

People are good. And we are only getting better.

~Ryan Lynch

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