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I believe life gives you what you focus on. I decided I would help out by giving you something to think about every day. I will post a new thought (less than a minute read) with the goal of giving you something useful to ruminate on around happiness. If you want Happy delivered directly to your email at no charge, feel free to subscribe by hitting the button below. Life's busy, I aim to help you enjoy it.

- Ryan Lynch

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A Little Happiness Just for You

Post 650: The Price

July 04, 20241 min read

I love Redbull. There I said it.

I just love the taste. It has nothing to do with the caffeine. I love that first sip of ice-cold goodness. The flavor is my flavor. And I am ridiculously happy when I have one.

And I know it is terrible for me, so I will typically take long breaks from it. I am talking months. And in that time, I see how much it affected me when I was drinking it. I don’t drink coffee, so it is the only caffeine I have. When I am not drinking it, I am almost never tired during the day. My stomach feels better. I eat better since I don’t have the sugar cravings.

And yet, it is still my choice, and I will continue to drink Redbull. Sometimes, I have to pay for my happiness. And I pay it gladly.

~Ryan Lynch

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