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I believe life gives you what you focus on. Every day I will post a new thought (less than a minute read) with the goal of giving you something useful to think about around happiness. If you want Happy delivered directly to your email at no charge, feel free to subscribe by hitting the button below. Life's busy, I aim to help you enjoy it.

- Ryan Lynch

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Post 318: Thought as Experience

August 07, 20230 min read

One final thought following on the past two days, which is my addition to Eckhart’s idea:

I can’t know if anyone else understands my thoughts the same way I do. Then it is imperative that I give my own thoughts and feelings weight, because I am the only one who knows what they mean to me.

I am not my thoughts. Therefore, I need to either believe my thoughts, or carefully question them, because I am the only one who experiences them, and they are a huge part of my experience.

~Ryan Lynch

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