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I believe life gives you what you focus on. I decided I would help out by giving you something to think about every day. I will post a new thought (less than a minute read) with the goal of giving you something useful to ruminate on around happiness. If you want Happy delivered directly to your email at no charge, feel free to subscribe by hitting the button below. Life's busy, I aim to help you enjoy it.

- Ryan Lynch

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Post 480: Unintended Consequences

January 16, 20241 min read

I am reading Internal Family Systems Therapy, and I find it interesting when Richard Schwartz discovers all the pain happening to his clients comes from different parts of the patient’s brain trying to protect themselves from something they see as a worse evil.

It makes me think about people I have been upset with, and the things they did to me which I have deemed hurtful. I would probably feel better if I just assumed most of the time people were trying to stop something they saw as bad, instead of believing they just did wrong to me on purpose.

To be fair, most of the time, they probably weren’t even thinking about me at all.

~Ryan Lynch

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